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  • Borderlands 3 Review: Guns, Puns… Funs?

    13th Oct 2019 by

    I’ll start out this review by saying something which has probably been said a thousand times in the run up to the release of Borderlands 3. There are no microtransactions at present, no pay-to-win to be seen here folks. This has garnered praise across many outlets and was one of the main pitches put forward… Read more

  • Morality Choices in Games Suck, Apart From Undertale

    7th Oct 2019 by

    -The following contains spoilers for Undertale, if you haven’t played it, please do-   Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black or White Morality choices have been a thing in games for quite a while now, usually under the tagline of “choose your own destiny” or something similar. These are all fine, but when you realise that… Read more

  • Batman Ninja Review: We’re Not in Arkham Anymore

    3rd Oct 2019 by

    Let me preface this review with two statements which I think will go a long way to illustrating the level to which I enjoyed this film; I don’t particularly like Batman that much, my knowledge of him comes mainly from the Christopher Nolan movies and the Rocksteady series of games. I get some people love… Read more

  • Reel Deal: My Favourite Movie Tie-In Games

    15th Sep 2019 by

    Movie tie-in games get a bad rap, don’t they? Perhaps rightly so, usually being rushed, unpolished, short and horribly insincere. Gone are the days of the early 2000s however where every big screen release needed to have a video game product to accompany it. This was likely slowed due to the increased investment needed to… Read more

  • Why Hardcore Henry is the Best Video Game Movie

    18th Aug 2019 by

    Hardcore Henry rules. I remember hearing about this movie when it was in cinemas, I desperately wanted to go. Unfortunately, it was only showing at one cinema, 50 miles away, with a single showing at 3:15 each day. I wasn’t prepared to book a day off work to see it, I have much better things… Read more

  • Unravel Two Review: Tugging the Heart Strings

    9th Aug 2019 by

    Unravel first burst onto the scene as part of EA’s “indie” project during 2015s E3 conference with the appearance of Yarny, a cute little fellow whose picture will be prominent throughout this review. It was presented in such a human way, nervously, optimistically and with passion for something they had created. This perfectly sums up… Read more

  • They Don’t Make Action Movies Like They Used To…

    6th Aug 2019 by

    John Wick is really good I love action movies. I love love looooooove action movies. Whether they’re legitimately awesome like Point Break or The Raid, or a cheesy good time like Con Air, action films are perhaps the earliest form of true escapism in cinema. That’s just what these films are for, escapism. They don’t… Read more

  • 50 Shades of Play: Use of Colour in Video Games

    20th Jul 2019 by

    Colour is used to indicate many things in real life, the most common example probably being traffic lights. This use of red, amber and green helps drivers understand the situation on the road and plan accordingly. Some people might ignore the importance of the amber light, this is not a hard and fast rule of… Read more

  • Persona 5’s Presentation: Lookin’ Cool, Joker

    15th Jul 2019 by

    Persona 5 is awesome. There is no way you can convince me otherwise. It was by far my game of the year in 2017, no mean feat given some of the other releases that year. Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn. To this day, I still blame this game for the drop… Read more

  • A Numbers Game: Other Means of Rewarding

    1st Jul 2019 by

    Whilst this title may sound like a LinkedIn sponsored post, I assure you there will be no “theory X”, “theory Y” or “hierarchy of needs” referenced here. That is a business reference for you. I did the business at university and had to show it off somewhere. Progression in games is a hard thing to… Read more

  • Crash Team Racing vs Mario Kart: Zoom or be Zoomed

    25th Jun 2019 by

    Firstly, I want to get this out of the way. I prefer Crash Team Racing to all Mario Kart games in the past, and that is admittedly mainly due to nostalgia. I’ve always loved Crash Bandicoot, with my PS1 and PS2 being passed down from my older brother, I was always more aware of Sony… Read more

  • Should Game Developers Use Actors’ Likeness in Their Games?

    21st Jun 2019 by

    Why Do This? The reason is obvious, capturing headlines with faces of big movie stars is an easy way to widen your marketable demographic. If someone sees an actor they recognise, it might lead to them buying a game they wouldn’t otherwise have given a shot. The whole thing just feels a little weird to… Read more

  • The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift is the Best in the Series

    21st Jun 2019 by

    Okay, so using the big three aggregators, below is a somewhat accurate consensus of what the rankings of the Fast and Furious franchise should look like: I’m writing this to illustrate some thoughts on why this might not be the case, and why an often-overlooked entry in the franchise should be given more credit and… Read more

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